Western in the News

Communicating climate change: a psychoanalysis – Science Weekly podcast

January 19, 2017 via The Guardian

When men kill their partners, warning signs often missed

January 9, 2017 via Toronto Star

Why beauty professionals are being trained to prevent domestic abuse

January 5, 2017 via Global News

Western University researchers develop concussion blood test with 90-per-cent accuracy rate

January 5, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Canadian-made blood test for concussions could radically simplify diagnosis

December 31, 2016 via CTV

Within reach of a cure for HIV

December 29, 2016 via Bangalore Mirror

Science of Winter: Squeaking snow is the sound of snowflakes shattering

December 25, 2016 via Ottawa Citizen

Alumni send students notes of support

December 21, 2016 via CTV News

Western University alumni send first-year students letters of support

December 20, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

New prevention orders won’t do enough to stop online stalking

December 13, 2016 via The Guardian

Molecular ‘Lego’ Promises to Sharpen CRISPR Gene-Editing Tool

December 12, 2016 via Seeker

How a Canadian investigator unravelled Russia’s massive doping conspiracy

December 9, 2016 via Toronto Star

Canadian researchers are leading the way to Mars

December 2, 2016 via CBC

Culturally relevant mentoring benefits aboriginal students, study finds

November 30, 2016 via Victoria Times Colonist

Aboriginal students do better with aboriginal mentors

November 30, 2016 via Radio Canada International