The West and Russia are playing two different games: Expert available to comment on Ukraine-Russian relations

Tensions are high as NATO and other Western Allies meet this week with Russian officials in an attempt to avoid the largest military action since World War II.

Western University expert in international politics Marta Dyczok believes that we could be on the verge of a major geo-political shift and is available to the media for interviews. She notes that both sides appear to be using different tactics during the crisis.

“What’s happening is we have one side playing chess and another side street fighting. They are playing different games and in a situation like this it is difficult to predict what will happen,” says Dyczok, an associate professor in Political Science and History in Western’s Faculty of Social Science.

Dyczok specializes in international politics and history, with a focus on East Central Europe and Eurasia, and specifically Ukraine. Her research interests are on the politics of history, mass media, migration, post-communism and World War II. She produced an English language show called Ukraine Calling on Public Radio Ukraine featuring interviews with politicians, diplomats, scholars, journalists, activists, artists and others.

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