Western in the News

Why Bats Crash Into Buildings

September 8, 2017 via New York Times

At Three Little Pigs Lab, Western researchers break buildings to save them from hurricanes

September 7, 2017 via CBC

How science found a way to help coma patients communicate

September 5, 2017 via The Guardian (UK)

Ontario University offers students Indigenous-focused campus housing

September 5, 2017 via CBC

School gender gap grows

September 5, 2017 via Winnipeg Free Press

Why am I rubbish at maths? And other curious questions answered

August 31, 2017 via New Scientist

London politicians Kate Young and Peter Fragiskatos announced nearly $1.5 million in funding for local researchers Thursday

August 25, 2017 via London Free Press

How London-made software could save your life in a nuclear disaster

August 25, 2017 via CBC

The military-industrial complex is booming in Trump’s America: Don Pittis

August 24, 2017 via CBC

Western University music students to live in retirement home alongside seniors

August 17, 2017 via National Post

Testosterone makes men more impulsive

August 17, 2017 via The Economist

Why several Western University students will live in a London retirement home this fall

August 15, 2017 via CBC

Sports hype of platelet-rich plasma ‘powerful marketing tool’ but distorts the science

August 15, 2017 via CBC

Researchers close in on drugs for severe head injury, ALS

August 14, 2017 via CBC

Whisky, shouting matches and cigarette ashes: What history tells us about NAFTA talks

August 13, 2017 via Toronto Star