Western in the News

Tightening drunk driving laws would put Canada closer to many other countries: MADD

August 11, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen

Don’t stand so close to me: Study on fruit flies uncovers the processes in the brain that drive our need for personal space

August 11, 2017 via Daily Mail

High-end companies the most vulnerable to counterfeiters

August 11, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Interest rates are up, inflation is down – what is going on?

August 6, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Census 2016: More Canadians than ever are living alone, and other takeaways

August 3, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Radical new technique lets researchers see inside live insects in 3D for the first time

August 1, 2017 via The Daily Mail

Census data on language show tip of statistical iceberg about Canada’s diversity

July 31, 2017 via The Telegram

Perfectionism and suicide are linked, finds new study

July 31, 2017 via The Independent

Group takes aim at concussion risk with national guidelines

July 28, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Toxic blue-green algae ends swimming at popular Victoria lake

July 21, 2017 via CBC

People Are Literally Dying for the Perfect Insta Pic

July 20, 2017 via VICE

After Trump’s tough talk, NAFTA proposals look more like light reno than demolition

July 18, 2017 via CBC

How Fear of Humans Can Ripple Through Food Webs and Reshape Landscapes

July 11, 2017 via Smithsonian

‘Competing Canadian values’: Awarding Khadr’s settlement to U.S. widow a challenge for Ont. court

July 11, 2017 via CBC

What we’re reading this summer (Into the Gray Zone – Adrian Owen)

July 11, 2017 via The New Yorker