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X-ray beam illuminates long-forgotten faces on damaged daguerreotypes

June 22, 2018 via The Globe and Mail

Doctors reveal rare condition that causes blind woman, 48, to only see moving objects

June 14, 2018 via Fox News

Blind woman is able to see objects in motion

June 13, 2018 via ITV News

How this blind woman can see objects — but only if they are moving

June 13, 2018 via National Post

Blind woman can see objects, but only when they move

June 12, 2018 via CTV News

People with wrinkles around eyes perceived more sincere

June 12, 2018 via The Times of India

Wrinkling your eyes while smiling or frowning makes you ‘appear more sincere’

June 12, 2018 via The Irish Times

Western University researchers uncover secret to judging sincerity

June 12, 2018 via CBC News

Why having wrinkles can be a good thing

June 11, 2018 via Daily Mail

Ontario PCs romp to comfortable majority as NDP forms the official opposition

June 8, 2018 via The Globe and Mail

Doug Ford, Brother Of Late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Elected Premier Of Ontario

June 8, 2018 via New England Public Radio

Ontario election results: populist Doug Ford to become premier

June 8, 2018 via The Guardian (UK)

‘G6 plus one’: Frustration with US grows ahead of G7 summit

June 7, 2018 via Al Jazeera

Doug Ford rides populist wave to victory in Ontario, Tories form majority

June 7, 2018 via National Post

By muzzling the CDC, the Trump administration renders swaths of Americans invisible

December 19, 2017 via The Globe and Mail