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Stroke can be the first presenting symptom in younger patients with COVID-19

September 15, 2020

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers have been working to better understand and characterize the varied symptoms of…

Did meteorite impacts help create life on Earth and beyond?

September 2, 2020

What if impact craters, long seen as harbingers of death, turned out to be the cradle of life? For Western…

Researchers unravel two mysteries of COVID-19

August 26, 2020

A team from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University has made significant steps forward in understanding COVID-19 through two…

Research touts lower-cost, longer-life battery

August 17, 2020

New materials engineering research led by Western could translate into significant real-world benefits like greater range for electric vehicles and…

Leading expert available to comment on Democratic Vice Presidential candidate

August 12, 2020

With the U.S. Presidential Election just around the corner, a leading expert on American politics from Western University is available…

Experts available to comment on reopening schools

August 12, 2020

During the past two weeks, provincial governments have been announcing plans to bring students back to school in September. Western…

Ancient beavers cut trees for food first, not to build dams

August 4, 2020

By studying the wood-cutting behaviour of ancient beavers that once roamed the Canadian high Arctic, an international team of scientists…

Early Mars was covered in ice sheets, not flowing rivers

August 3, 2020

A large number of the valley networks scarring Mars’ surface were carved by water melting beneath glacial ice, not by…