Western launches new mental health resource website

Western University recognizes that wellness in mind, body, and spirit is essential to academic success. In an effort to assist students experiencing distress and better prepare faculty and staff encountering those feeling overwhelmed, Western has launched a new website, Mental Health @ Western, which serves as portal for all the various mental health services and information available to students, faculty and staff on campus.

Please visit the new website at www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/

“Faculty and staff are key resources for students that play an important role in identifying students in distress and assisting them in finding resources,” says Gitta Kulczycki, Vice-President (Resources & Operations). “It is also important faculty and staff are aware of mental health-related resources available to support their own health and that of their colleagues. Western has a number of services and resources that can assist. We want the entire campus community to be aware of where to get mental health information and support in a timely fashion.”

Mental Health @ Western houses four microsites each targeted to specific audiences:

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Students (https://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/students.html)
  • Families of Students (https://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/families.html)
  • Faculty and Staff (https://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/faculty-staff.html)
  • Faculty/Staff to Assists Students (https://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/faculty-staff-assist/index.html)

There is also quick link (a yellow hot button) to emergency contacts on campus for those in need of immediate assistance (https://www.uwo.ca/uwocom/mentalhealth/help.html).

MEDIA CONTACT: Keith Marnoch, Director, Media Relations, 519-661-2111, ext. 85468