Western launches new digital communication certificate program

Western University’s Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) is launching a new program that will provide students with a powerful set of tools, competencies and best practices for effectively working within social media, virtual worlds and other forms of online communication.

FIMS Associate Dean Nick Dyer-Witheford, one of the key Western faculty spearheading the initiative, says the new Digital Communication Certificate Program will provide excellent preparation for the many professional and academic careers where knowledge of social media is essential.

“The new program is being established to help students in other faculties, including Engineering, Health Sciences and Social Sciences, to master the communication tools of the digital age, while learning about the social media environment,” says Dyer-Witheford, an acclaimed researcher and author who studies and writes about the computer and gaming industry. “These days, if you plan on getting your message, into the public sphere, it is important to be able to harness social media, search engines and network theory.”

The Digital Communication Certificate Program is open to all undergraduate and graduate students and may be pursued concurrently with the completion of other degrees.

FIMS is holding an information meeting for prospective students on Monday, March 26 at the Western Journalism TV Studio, which is located on the second floor of the North Campus Building.

The event, which will also be streamed online, is open to all and begins at 12:30 p.m. Those interested in following the proceedings via Twitter are encouraged to use the hashtag, #FIMS.

For more information visit: https://www.fims.uwo.ca/prospective/digital_communication/certificate.htm

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The Faculty of Information and Media Studies is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about media, communications and information technologies. Through teaching and research, the Faculty examines the cultural industries, institutions, and practices that produce news, information and entertainment.

For further information and/or admissions and application procedures, please contact Nick Dyer-Witheford at ncdyerwi@uwo.ca

Jeff Renaud, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-661-2111, ext. 85165, jrenaud9@uwo.ca