Western University applauds post-secondary education support infederal budget

Ottawa, Ont. – Western University President Amit Chakma applauded the Canadian government for its ongoing commitment and support for university research through its granting councils as detailed in today’s federal budget.

“The government has demonstrated its foresight in continuing to invest in education and research during these financially challenging times,” says Chakma. “These investments will enhance Canada’s competitive position in the world.”

Chakma, who serves as Chair of the federal government’s Advisory Panel on Canada’s International Education Strategy, adds, “Western is equally pleased with the government’s strong commitment to developing and implementing an international education strategy that reinforces Canada as a country of choice to study and conduct world-class research.”

As part of Economic Action Plan 2012, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced:
•    $500 million over five years, starting in 2014–15, to the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to support advanced research infrastructure

•    $37 million annually to the granting councils to enhance their support for industry-academic research partnerships
•    $60 million for Genome Canada to launch a new applied research competition in the area of human health, and to sustain the Science and Technology Centres until 2014–15

•    $17 million over two years to further advance the development of alternatives to existing isotope production technologies

•    $40 million over two years to support CANARIE’s operation of Canada’s ultra-high speed research network

•    $14 million over two years to double the Industrial Research and Development Internship program

•    $12 million per year to make the Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence program permanent