Media Releases Archives: November 2012

Western and Sumagen to release preliminary results from HIV/AIDS vaccine trials

November 5, 2012

Western University and Sumagen Canada will hold a briefing for media and London’s research community regarding preliminary results for the first-ever human applied clinical study (SAV CT 01) of the world’s only preventative HIV vaccine based on a genetically modified killed whole virus (SAV001-H), which was initiated in March 2012.

Climate change causes unusual tree growth patterns in the Southern Hemisphere

November 1, 2012

New findings from an international research team led by Western University geography professor Brian Luckman, based on tree-ring patterns, show unusual patterns of tree growth in the Southern Hemisphere relating to recent changes in the atmospheric circulation.

New Fraunhofer Project Centre @ Western opens as unique Canadian research facility

November 1, 2012

At the centre of the brand new Fraunhofer Project Centre @ Western stands a larger-than-life materials press with a maximum clamping force of 2,500 tonnes.