Western’s Petroleum Geology Program receives $5 million software gift from Schlumberger Canada

The donation of advanced software licenses for Schlumberger’s integrated suite of geoscience and reservoir simulation software will give graduate students and researchers in Western’s Petroleum Geoscience Laboratory the ability to analyze problems beyond the reach of most laboratories.

“This gift gives our lab the same powerful analysis tools that are used by the oil and gas industry,” said Burns Cheadle, Bill Bell Chair in Petroleum Geology Chair at Western. “Bringing this software into a research-intensive university allows our students to not only learn to use it, but to apply their critical thinking skills to leverage it to its fullest. That’s an advantage for our researchers and for students moving to careers in industry and the employers who hire them.”

The Petrel* E&P software platform supports integrated analysis from exploration and development through to production of both conventional and complex unconventional reservoirs such as shales and heavy oils. The ECLIPSE* industry-reference reservoir simulator supports simulation of fluid flow throughout the life of the field. This supports state-of-the-art analysis and 4D (3D + time) simulation of geological and geophysical data. Subsurface models of geology are simulated going forward in time, allowing researchers to forecast results of wells drilled in a specific location, including oil and gas production and the possible impact on the surrounding geology, reducing the risk involved in drilling new wells.

“We believe it is critical for leading universities like Western to have access to the latest oil and gas industry software, to push forward on important research projects and give students the experience they need to prepare them for productive careers in the oil and gas industry,” said Sabih Asghar, operations manager Canada, Schlumberger Information Solutions.

“We are immensely grateful for Schlumberger’s generous gift, which is the latest among several significant investments made in petroleum and geoscience research at Western,” said Western’s President and Vice-Chancellor Amit Chakma. “Partnerships such as this are key to helping us expand our research capabilities and provide real-world leading-edge education for our students.”

*Mark of Schlumberger