Media Releases Archives: 2013

Western and Fraunhofer team-up for a new composites research center in London

November 6, 2013

Western, Fraunhofer celebrate launch of lightweight composites centre.

New research shows events like Russian asteroid may happen more frequently

November 6, 2013

Investigating the asteroid that detonated over Chelyabinsk, Russia earlier this year, an international research team, including members of Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), has discovered remarkable findings that will drastically change theoretical models about the frequency of such events and the potential damage that could be caused by them.

Experts exploring role of social media in sexual violence at major conference

November 5, 2013

Research suggests that approximately 25 per cent of today’s youth are cyber bullied and only slightly less (18 per cent) cyber bully others.

TTC Chair Karen Stintz speaks to Western conference on innovation in local government

November 5, 2013

Western’s Local Government Program Alumni Society hosts its 2013 Annual Conference.

Western University hosts grand opening at new student residence

November 4, 2013

Western University will officially open the doors at Ontario Hall, its newest student residence, on Tuesday morning with a reception and guided tours.

Western’s Engineers Without Borders gets the drop on world poverty

October 29, 2013

Western University’s student chapter of Engineers Without Borders will raise awareness, funds and a giant pumpkin tomorrow at its annual Pumpkin Drop on University College Hill.

Mission Meteorite! mines local talent for future astronauts

October 29, 2013

Grade 5 and 6 students from two London schools are heading to Western University this week for Mission Meteorite! – an interactive program led by award winning researcher Neil Banerjee from the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX).

Western neuroscientist investigates why humans sleep

October 29, 2013

As North America prepares to turn its collective clocks back an hour this weekend, consequently gaining an hour of sleep, a neuroscientist at Western University is investigating one of the dominant hypotheses that would explain the unsolved mystery of why humans sleep.

New imaging research shows increased iron in the brain in earliest stages of MS

October 28, 2013

While it’s been known for over a century that iron deposits in the brain play a role in the pathology of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), new imaging research from Western University helps to answer the question of whether these accumulations are a cause or consequence of the disease.

Lancers, Mustangs set to face-off in Hockeytown Winter Festival

October 24, 2013

The University of Windsor Lancers and the Western Mustangs are pleased to announce that they will face-off in the 2014 SiriusXM Hockeytown Winter Festival.