Western in the News Archive: January 2014

NASA awards kudo to London graduate student

January 31, 2014 via London Free Press

Western University receives vast collection of weather observations dating back to 1840s

January 30, 2014 via London Free Press

Western research helping understand the unconscious brain

January 30, 2014 via CTV London

London company Trudell Medical unveils gadget designed to help people who suffer from COPD

January 28, 2014 via London Free Press

Western officials says blurring of vision isn’t evident at or just below the legal driving limit

January 16, 2014 via London Free Press

Alcohol affects vision by 30%: study

January 15, 2014 via CBC Radio Canada International

Merged municipalities, including Ottawa, have hired more workers than those left alone

January 13, 2014 via Ottawa Citizen

Mayor to province: review Hamilton’s amalgamation

January 13, 2014 via CBC News

Ontario municipalities spending more since amalgamation

January 13, 2014 via Global News

Amalgamation brought fewer Ontario cities, but more city workers

January 13, 2014 via Toronto Star

Des orages de sable chaud et de fer en fusion sur des étoiles « froides »

January 8, 2014 via Le Figaro

Western professor helps discover failed stars, known as brown dwarfs, contain violent, planet-size storms

January 7, 2014 via London Free Press

Brown dwarf storm weather will melt you with molten iron and red hot sand

January 7, 2014 via Huffington Post

Brown dwarfs racked by planet-sized storms of molten iron

January 7, 2014 via Popular Science

Alice Munro’s alma mater has plan to turn Nobel fame into new fundraising

January 1, 2014 via Globe and Mail