Western in the News Archive: February 2014

New Western website hoping to help end domestic violence

February 28, 2014 via CTV London

Canadian prof. fights to save most critically endangered mammals

February 28, 2014 via CTV News

Domestic Violence Review Committee finds homicides often occur after years of telltale signs are ignored

February 27, 2014 via London Free Press

New TV show uncovers leads in University of Toronto cold case

February 26, 2014 via Huffington Post

Case not closed? Civilians probe murders in new TV show

February 25, 2014 via Post Media

Zircon crystal is oldest piece of Earth ever found

February 25, 2014 via CBC News

Can we stop the lemur from going extinct?

February 21, 2014 via Christian Science Monitor

Blood types affect transplant wait times

February 18, 2014 via London Free Press

Olympic throwback: the history of art medals at the Games

February 17, 2014 via CBC News: The Buzz

Is funding for Olympic athletes a good use of taxpayer money?

February 16, 2014 via Yahoo!

Olympic medal myth debunked by expert

February 14, 2014 via Canoe.ca

Focus on men’s hockey a ‘detriment’ to other Sochi sports

February 13, 2014 via Metro News

Former dean of journalism at Western University started as a copy boy and carved out a distinguished career in print and broadcasting

February 12, 2014 via London Free Press

Intercepted call catches senior U.S. diplomat cursing EU

February 7, 2014 via Toronto Star

False hope: Deep freeze poses no threat to tree-munching emerald ash borer

February 5, 2014 via Ottawa Citizen