Month: April 2014

Rare form of fat found in flies fuels them while frozen

A new discovery from Western University that gall flies can process triacylglycerols in low temperature paves the way for researchers to develop new ways to turn regular fats into biofuels that work in Canada’s cold winters or chilly high altitudes.

Western University’s Janice Deakin re-appointed to second term

Western University’s Board of Governors has re-appointed Provost & Vice President (Academic) Janice Deakin to a second five-year term, ending on July 30, 2020. The unanimous decision comes a full year before the current term's expiration on July 30,...

Meteorite impact craters may have hosted early life on Earth

A new study from Western University explores the possibility that Earth's earliest life forms may have been cultivated by a meteorite impact event.The research team from Western's Faculty of Science and the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), which...

Western revitalizes vision for serving Indigenous communities

Dedicated to improving accessibility and success in higher education for Indigenous peoples, Western University has revamped its longstanding Aboriginal Education and Employment Council (AEEC) with new terms of reference and a new name. The Indigenous Postsecondary...