Western to host sneak peek of WindEEE Dome, world’s first 3D wind testing chamber

Western University is home to the world’s first three-dimensional wind testing chamber – the WindEEE (Wind Engineering, Energy and Environment) Dome – which allows scientists to address important scientific, economic and societal challenges related to wind, while evaluating energy potential and damage risks.

Media is invited to attend a special sneak peek of the WindEEE Dome on Monday, June 9 at 11 a.m., which will include demonstrations of novel experiments underway at the transformational wind research facility, and interview opportunities with Western Engineering professor and founding Director of WindEEE, Horia Hangan.

Space is limited to this event so media please RSVP to Jeff Renaud at jrenaud9@uwo to secure your spot. 

WindEEE is located at 2535 Advanced Avenue, London, Ontario, in the Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP).

Targeting research related to the three EEEs – Engineering, Energy and Environment – WindEEE is the world’s most advanced experimental facility for studying the effects of damaging winds on structures, and for designing wind turbines, wind farms and sustainable cities. It has the capability of physically simulating high-intensity wind systems – including tornadoes, downbursts, gust fronts or low-level nocturnal currents – that cannot be recreated in traditional wind tunnels, which only allow straight-line wind flows.

WindEEE is a part of AMP, where, together with other facilities like the Fraunhofer Project Centre, Western is creating an industry-oriented research incubator with local, national and international partners. WindEEE has already established an extensive national membership with more than 40 researchers from 18 universities across Canada. Internationally, WindEEE collaborates with more than 30 institutes across four continents.

Western is considered the global birthplace of the modern practice of wind engineering thanks to the pioneering efforts of Alan Davenport at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory, which opened in 1965.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Renaud, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-661-2111, ext. 85165, jrenaud9@uwo.ca, @jeffrenaud99

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