Month: July 2014

Gene variant identified as a heart disease risk factor for women

When it comes to heart disease, Dr. Ross Feldman says women are often in the dark. Historically, it was thought that heart disease was a men’s-only disease, however, data has shown that post-menopausal women are just as likely as men to get heart disease and...

Indigenous Mini-University Summer Program returns to Western

The primary goal of Western University's Indigenous Youth Mini-University Summer Program is to inspire Indigenous youth to pursue postsecondary education through on-campus learning experiences led by Indigenous students, staff and faculty. Now in its eighth season,...

Western hosts major international computer science conference

In 1998, the first-ever blog appeared online, Apple introduced the iMac and Internet Explorer passed Netscape in browser market share. It was also the first year for the International Conference on Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation (UCNC), a global...

Award-winning neuroscientist named first Western Research Chair

Award-winning neuroscientist named first Western Research Chair

Ingrid Johnsrude, one of Canada’s most innovative neuroscientists is coming to Western University to further her research into understanding human behaviour through speech, language and hearing. She has been named a Western Research Chair, the first of its kind announced since the chairs were established last year in support of Western’s Clusters of Research Excellence program.