Toronto Election Study to explore attitudes and behaviour of voters during and after campaign

A new study is underway, led by political scientists from across the country, which will deliver a detailed understanding of the attitudes and behaviour of voters and non-voters in the 2014 Toronto municipal election.

The Toronto Election Study (TES), led by researchers from Western University, Bishop’s University and the University of Winnipeg, includes a two-wave survey of Torontonians. Survey respondents will be interviewed during the campaign and again after election day.

“Our study will identify what drives the vote choices of voters in Toronto, and provide a clear picture of what voters expect from their new government,” says Laura Stephenson, an Associate Professor at Western’s Department of Political Science.

The TES website ( will be updated regularly and those interested can also follow the project on Twitter: @TOelectionstudy

The TES is funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council.

TES Team Members

Michael McGregor is an Assistant Professor of Politics and International Studies at Bishop’s University and the Principal Investigator of the Toronto Election Study. His research and teaching interests lie in the fields of Canadian politics, elections and voting, political psychology, methodology and public policy. McGregor has published a number of peer-reviewed articles on voting behaviour, including papers on cognitive dissonance and political attitudes, negative partisanship, and correct voting.

Aaron Moore is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Winnipeg. His research interests include urban politics and governance in Canada, multi-level governance, public policy, and urban administration. Moore has authored a number of articles and reports on municipal government and city politics and is the author of Planning Politics in Toronto: The Ontario Municipal Board and Urban Development (University of Toronto Press 2013).

Laura Stephenson is an Associate Professor in Western’s Department of Political Science and specializes in political behaviour, both Canadian and comparative. Her research is focused on understanding how institutions and context influence attitudes, electoral preferences and engagement with politics. Her work has been published in many journals and she is the co-editor of Voting Behaviour in Canada (UBC Press 2010).

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