Media Releases Archives: October 2014

New study finds parents’ happiness depends on number of children and age at first birth

October 28, 2014

A new study by a Western University demographer shows that the happiness trajectories of new parents vary greatly depending on the age when people have their first child and how many children they have.

Online Surveillance: Classes Without Quizzes shines light on your ‘digital shadow’

October 28, 2014

Western University’s popular complimentary lecture series, Classes Without Quizzes, returns for a new season.

Western to host 12th annual International Symposium for Olympic Research

October 28, 2014

Many of the world’s leading Olympic Games researchers will meet at Western University this week for a major conference focused on understanding the cultural importance of the multi-billion dollar, biennial international sporting competition.

Western researchers identify potential therapeutic target for Osteoarthritis

October 27, 2014

Researchers at Western University have identified a specific gene that plays a key role in the degradation of cartilage in osteoarthritis (OA).

Toronto Election Study finds Doug Ford’s policies favoured, even if he is not

October 24, 2014

The Toronto Election Study (TES) has collected information from nearly 3,000 respondents and principal investigators are now in a position to draw some conclusions about the policy preferences of Torontonians, and what they could mean for the outcome of the election.

New Canada Research Chair finds promise from proteins for cancer, neurodegenerative disease

October 24, 2014

With nearly 200,000 new cancer diagnoses expected in Canada this year alone, researchers are focusing on new keys to unlock our understanding of the disease.

Toronto Election Study suggests keys wards to watch on Election Day, predicts high re-election rate for incumbents

October 23, 2014

With more than 2,800 responses from eligible Toronto voters, the Toronto Election Study (TES) is in the final drive of its pre-election survey.

Western-led study reveals state of crisis in Canadian foster care system

October 23, 2014

A new study of foster care in Canada led by a researcher at Western University reveals a shrinking number of…

Western music historian makes near 1,000-year-old discovery

October 21, 2014

After years of study, many deep in the manuscript room at the Bibliothèque nationale de France, an award-winning musicologist from Western University discovered the earliest surviving handwritten manuscripts featuring notation above musical text or lyrics – a technique fundamentally still used today.

Western to kick-off 2014 United Way campaign

October 20, 2014

Western University will launch its 2014 campus-wide fundraising campaign benefiting the United Way of London & Middlesex.