New Director announced by Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University

Christopher Smeenk, is the new Director for Western University’s Rotman Institute of Philosophy.

“The Rotman Institute of Philosophy is extremely fortunate to have Professor Chris Smeenk as its new Director,” says Michael Milde, Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities. “Chris brings to this role both an impressive reputation in the Philosophy of Physics and Cosmology, and demonstrated experience as the Institute’s interim Director in 2012-13. He is also a passionate proponent of the Institute’s mission – to bring scientists, philosophers and other humanists together to tackle some of the greatest challenges facing contemporary society.”

Established in 2008 by the late Dr. Joseph L. Rotman, The Rotman Institute of Philosophy provides intellectual leadership and training in the investigation of ethical and epistemological issues in contemporary science. Philosophers, scientists, students and policy-makers around the world are engaged in the discussion about what science is good for and what is good for science.

Smeenk has been an associate professor in the Department of Philosophy at Western since 2007. Prior to his role at Western, he was assistant professor of philosophy at UCLA. His research interests include history and philosophy of physics, general issues in philosophy of science, and seventeenth century natural philosophy. More specifically, he has focused on scientific method and the structure of knowledge in physics through the detailed study of space-time physics, focusing primarily on episodes of significant theory change ranging from Newton’s Principia to contemporary cosmology.

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