‘Raving For Introverts’ drops the beat at Western’s annual Music Research Showcase

Western University’s Jay Hodgson is developing technology that allows people to compose banging techno music simply by moving their bodies to the beat.

A Musicology and Popular Music professor at the Don Wright Faculty of Music, Hodgson has created a chromacoustic-lumacoustic chamber that is ready to be explored on Friday, October 16 at Western’s annual Music Research Showcase.

Chromacoustic and lumacoustic technology, emerging sciences currently being popularized by Hodgson, captures colour and light values (in the chamber) generated by one’s movement and assigns or audifies particular properties of musical pitches for each value to create music.

Hodgson will be available throughout the showcase to demonstrate his ‘Raving For Introverts’ technology and discuss his latest findings.

Throughout the event, which will be held at The Paul Davenport Theatre in Talbot College and von Kuster Hall in the new Music Building from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, faculty and graduate students will present research, as well as performances, on a number of diverse topics including an investigation of Johannes Brahms’ solo piano compositions in relation to the effects of the aging process on hearing and the brain and a sociological examination of Elvis tribute artists that focuses on musical learning, musical identity and skill acquisition.

For more information, please visit www.music.uwo.ca/research/research-day

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