Western in the News Archive: February 2016

A voice for Jesse: Edmonton family hosts brain science expert in search of answers

February 29, 2016 via CBC

What does an expert on the human brain have to say about reality TV?

February 28, 2016 via Washington Post

Discovering a new musical perspective

February 27, 2016 via Toronto Star

Canadian Olympic outfitters send open apology letter to indigenous people

February 26, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Western Included in $35 Million Manufacturing Program with Two Other Universities

February 26, 2016 via AM980

Budget gives students tuition breaks, London a transit promise and Western a big research plum

February 26, 2016 via London Free Press

Indigenous Olympians react to choice of ‘.dsquaw’ designers for Canada’s Olympic clothing

February 24, 2016 via CBC

Nothing to Fear Except Fear Itself—Also Wolves and Bears

February 24, 2016 via The Atlantic

Fear of predators helps keep ecosystems balanced, claims study

February 24, 2016 via Irish Examiner

Dread is vanishing from the animal world. Here’s why that’s a bad thing.

February 24, 2016 via The Washington Post

A gold-medal performance in bad judgment

February 18, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

At least five Canadian women have conceived children with ISIL fighters: researcher

February 18, 2016 via National Post

Exercise during pregnancy fights high blood pressure and excessive weight gain: study

February 15, 2016 via CTV Atlantic

Nitrates in remote lakes came from human activity

February 12, 2016 via Radio Canada Interational

Chances man killed as a result of meteorite unlikely: astronomer

February 9, 2016 via Global News