Western in the News Archive: July 2016

10 Things You Need to Know About the Perseid Meteor Shower

July 31, 2016 via The Weather Channel

What’s more scary than bears, wolves, or wild dogs? Humans.

July 30, 2016 via The Weather Network

Perseid meteor shower set to be extra-spectacular this year

July 29, 2016 via CBC

CBC programming terrifies British badgers, study suggests

July 27, 2016 via CBC

Badgers Are More Scared of the BBC Than Bears

July 26, 2016 via Motherboard

British badgers are more afraid of the BBC than of bears — and that’s very bad

July 26, 2016 via The Washington Post

Human most terrifying predator for smaller animals

July 26, 2016 via Deccan Herald

Canada tops list of developed countries for rate of impaired-driving fatalities

July 23, 2016 via Toronto Star

Canadian Lawyer Uncovers a Doping Scheme, and Russian Anger

July 22, 2016 via New York Times

Treat anorexia as a ‘passion’: scholar

July 20, 2016 via SBS Australia

Treating with emotions: The ‘passion theory’ of anorexia

July 20, 2016 via Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Forget the IQ test, MRI scans could reveal how smart you REALLY are – and lead to AI that can learn like a human

July 19, 2016 via The Daily Mail

New Russian doping report confirms evidence of state-sponsored cheating

July 18, 2016 via CBC

Canada and Ukraine: Shared Values and Real Economic Opportunities

July 15, 2016 via Hromadske Radio

Richard McLaren: The lawyer behind pivotal report on Russian doping

July 15, 2016 via Toronto Star