The “core” of core inflation — Bank of Canada’s Lawrence Schembri to speak at Western

The Bank of Canada’s delicate dance of setting and tweaking monetary policy – assessing financial trends, pressures and risks and then aiming for two-per-cent inflation —is crucial to Canada’s economic wellbeing. Price stability helps ensure sustainable economic growth and healthy employment levels. The inflation rate is more than just a theoretical or academic problem: it affects everyone, from the burger-buying teenager to the family that’s budgeting for a new car.

On Thursday, February 9, Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri will be guest speaker at Western to explain the challenges of measuring core inflation. He will discuss how the Bank filters out the “noise” of volatile but transitory price changes as it sets monetary policy that can lead a robust economy. The address is open to the public and will be webcast on the Bank of Canada’s site at

WHAT: Address by Bank of Canada Deputy Governor Lawrence Schembri, presented by the Department of Economic and the Western Economics Society

WHEN: Thursday, February 9, 11:30 a.m.

WHERE: University Community Centre, Room 290 – McKellar Room


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