Purple pride on display at Western’s March Break Open House

March Break Open House

More than 6,000 high school students and their families are expected to descend on Western University this Saturday, March 11, to study their post-secondary options. The university is host to the annual March Break Open House which features tours, talks and mini-lectures with award-wining faculty, staff and students.

The students will be able to take part in various information sessions, program overviews, lab demonstrations and displays. Walking tours and bus tours will be among the offerings throughout the day. Visitors will have access to world-renowned researchers and gain insights into students’ academic and residence options. They will get a sense of the spirit of excellence that makes Western the university of choice for 32,000 students — about 5,100 of them first-year students — each year.

“Visiting campus is the most important part of the research that prospective students and their families can do before deciding which university to attend, ” said Lori Gribbon, Western’s associate registrar and director of undergraduate recruitment and admissions. “March Break Open House provides students with an opportunity to get more in-depth information about academic programs, the kinds of supports that are available to ensure academic success and about student life outside of the classroom.”

For more information, including a complete program schedule, please visit: https://welcome.uwo.ca/march/


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March Break Open House