London to become North American leader in 3D printing for medical and surgical solutions

The London Medical Network (LMN), today announced a $6.8 million partnership with Western University and Renishaw PLC to establish a new research, development and commercialization centre that will focus on the creation of medical instruments and surgical solutions through additive manufacturing, also known as “3D printing.”

The establishment of the Additive Design in Surgical Solutions (ADEISS) Centre is the second material investment by the LMN, following its formal launch last year which included a $10 million investment from the City of London. ADEISS will focus on developing proprietary solutions, sharing knowledge between partners, and will create direct employment for approximately 20 knowledge workers.

The ADEISS Centre, located at Western University’s Discovery Park, will create innovative instruments and products that can be marketed to the dental, orthopedic and medical device sector throughout North America and around the world. The technology will allow for the creation and commercialization of personalized 3D printed tools and implants like hip and knee joints, for example.

“The London Medical Network aims to make our city a global leader in medical research and innovation in order to improve health care around the world,” said Dr. Michael J. Strong, Dean, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University and LMN Governing Council Member. “Today’s announcement is a tremendous next step toward realizing that vision.”

The Centre is a unique partnership that brings together research, technical and business development teams from Western, Robarts Research Institute, the Lawson Health Research Institute and Renishaw PLC.  Renishaw is a UK-based Additive Manufacturing company that creates high-precision products across a wide range of market sectors.

“Partnerships such as this one, which bring together industry, clinicians, researchers and academia, are the future of innovation,” said Amit Chakma, Western University President. “Bringing all of these great minds together will no doubt yield impressive results.”

Through its partnership with Renishaw, ADEISS will provide London’s research and business development community with immediate access to one of the world’s most sophisticated 3D precision printing technology platforms.

“Renishaw is very excited to be a fundamental part of the ADEISS program together with Western University and Robarts Research Institute. Following on from the great success of our European Medical Solution Center located in Miskin, South Wales, ADEISS will be crucial in Renishaw’s ability to impact the North American market,” said Dafydd Williams, President of Renishaw (Canada) Limited. “We anticipate this uniquely placed facility will yield many new innovations in both medical device design and the use of Additive Manufacturing technology to push the boundaries of current thinking and design in this technically very demanding field.”

The collaboration will mean London start-up companies, learners and trainees will have a world-class environment in which to develop and test products for use in the health care sector.

“This is another step toward creating a hub for innovation and commercialization and further secures London’s place as a global leader in medical technology,” said London Mayor Matt Brown “We have a rich and storied history in delivering medical firsts and our health care sector directly employs 24,000. Here, we are doing research for the world.”



MEDIA CONTACT: Crystal Mackay, Media Relations Officer, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University, t. 519.661.2111 ext. 80387, c. 519.933.5944, @CrystalMackay


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