Western in the News Archive: 2017

How women bring about peace and change in Liberia

November 13, 2017 via The Conversation

Exoplanets Lurking in Dusty Disks Reveal Their Secrets

November 13, 2017 via Scientific American

Scientists look for solution to medical nightmare: patients waking during surgery

November 10, 2017 via National Post

Ottawa Fire Services budget could go up by as much as $13.3 million without any additional services

November 8, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen

A year of Trump: How Canada has been affected by the ‘predictably unpredictable’ president

November 8, 2017 via Global News

Robert Young had politics down to a science: Delacourt

November 3, 2017 via Toronto Star

What we don’t yet know about the probe into Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia

November 1, 2017 via Global News

Canadian astronomer spots ‘visitor’ from beyond our solar system

October 30, 2017 via CBC

Marital rape myths have no place in Canadian law

October 28, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Brain changes may persist in teenage athletes months after concussion

October 26, 2017 via Sportsnet

Brain changes may persist in teen athletes months after concussion: study

October 26, 2017 via The Globe and Mail

Hockey Study Suggests Injured Kids Sent Back on the Ice Too Soon

October 26, 2017 via US News & World Report

Concussions make lasting changes to the brain, even after you feel fine

October 26, 2017 via Popular Science

Young hockey players hitting the ice too soon after concussions: study

October 26, 2017 via CTV News

New London youth mental-health clinic opens

October 25, 2017 via London Free Press