Western in the News Archive: 2017

Ibuprofen as effective as oral morphine for kids’ pain relief after surgery, study finds

October 10, 2017 via National Post

Americans Face a Rising Risk of Dying Alone

October 9, 2017 via Bloomberg

Smart devices can share your private data, but Canada’s privacy laws offer little protection: report

October 7, 2017 via Global News

One problem with the new citizenship oath: Citizens can’t really violate an Indigenous treaty

October 6, 2017 via National Post

Sweet dreams are made of these…

September 26, 2017 via Irish Independent

Hot, dry spell expected to put damper on fall colours

September 25, 2017 via The Weather Network

Fall colours expected to be ‘drab’ in southwestern Ontario

September 25, 2017 via CBC

New observations reveal a lunar orbiter’s final resting place

September 22, 2017 via Astronomy Magazine

Chance find uncovers the once-hottest temperature on Earth

September 19, 2017 via The Weather Network

Ancient Space Debris Created Hottest Temperature Yet Recorded on Earth

September 19, 2017 via Smithsonian Magazine

Ancient Canadian meteor strike created hottest rock on Earth

September 18, 2017 via CBC

Experts spar over government plan to legalize random breath tests for drivers

September 18, 2017 via National Post

When an asteroid strike sent temperatures on Earth soaring to 2,370°C

September 18, 2017 via The Daily Mail

The Hottest Known Temperature On Earth Was Caused By An Ancient Asteroid Strike

September 17, 2017 via Gizmodo Australia

In the shadow of Wilno: How a ‘situation table’ is working to help victims of domestic violence

September 16, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen