Statement regarding Western’s withdrawal from the London Medical Network

Western University has communicated to the London Medical Network (LMN) the university’s intention to withdraw from the network.

Western continues to believe in and is committed to London’s aspiration to be a leader in medical innovation. The university will continue making investments in medical innovation as well as our many collaborations with community partners.

The continued confusion regarding the nature of the university’s participation in LMN detracts from existing projects, as well as the development of future partnerships with the private sector, that can directly support medical innovation and benefit the local economy. As such we are withdrawing from LMN but will continue to support medical innovation through other means.

Western is dedicated to investing in and conducting world-class medical research with both short and long-term objectives of innovation, commercialization and job-creation and we plan to move ahead with those projects along with our partners – just outside the LMN structure.

Western has received $1.56 million of LMN funding for the Additive Design in Surgical Solutions (ADEISS) Centre, which specializes in the design, development and production of medical devices. ADEISS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Western University, has partnered with the private sector to create one of the first 3D printing facilities of its kind in North America. Western has already matched that initial funding with more than $1 million of cash and joined with our industry partners to provide several million dollars of in-kind contributions. ADEISS has shown early promise and Western will continue to invest in the company to ensure its success.
Going forward, Western will not apply for any of the remaining available LMN funding.

Western believes strongly in the capacity of London to become a power house, recognized in Canada and internationally as a leader for medical innovation. We look forward to creating leading-edge research that will provide an economic benefit to the city.

John P. Capone
Vice-President (Research)
Western University