United Nations laureate challenges men to join the gender equality revolution

Gender-equality activist Michael Kaufman says the world needs more men standing alongside women to end the global issue of men’s violence against women.

Kaufman visits Western University’s Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women & Children today to meet with Faculty of Education students and discuss his new book, ‘The Time Has Come: Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution,’ which draws on his work as an advisor, writer, activist, researcher and popular educator. The United Nations laureate says promoting gender advocating equality also creates better lives for boys and men.

“We’re living in the midst of the greatest social revolution in human history. This may be challenging to men, but it’s also an incredibly positive moment not only for women, but also for men to redefine our lives,” says Kaufman.

Over the past four decades, Kaufman has worked with governments, non-governmental organizations, women’s organizations, unions, businesses, universities, and in 50 countries with the United Nations. Through his work and research, he believes men are an important ally in promoting the rights of women and girls.

“The time really has come for men to step forward strongly at women’s sides. We don’t do this out of collective guilt or blame, but collective love for the women in our lives,” says Kaufman.

Kaufman is a member of France’s G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council and was a member of Canada’s G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council. In 2017, he was awarded Canada’s Meritorious Service Cross and he’s a UN Women Canada laureate.

He’s also the co-founder of the White Ribbon Campaign that works to end violence against women, a Senior Fellow with the research institute Promundo, which is based in Washington D.C., and a former Deputy Director of the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean at York University.

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