Western welcomes CSA astronaut Dave Williams for Space Day

This week, astronaut David Saint-Jacques became the fourth Canadian to complete a spacewalk. Today, scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration presented the first-ever image of a black hole to a global audience. Space, literally and figuratively, is all around us.

To that end, astronauts, planetary scientists, engineers and industry partners will be discussing all things space this Friday (April 12) when Western University hosts Space Day.

The day-long event will be held in Western’s Physics & Astronomy Building with retired Canadian Space Agency astronaut Dave Williams delivering a keynote public talk at 5 p.m. to close the festivities.

Williams was a space mission specialist aboard Space Shuttle Columbia in 1998 and served in the same capacity aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour in 2007, which was the 22nd flight to the International Space Station (ISS). During the 2007 mission, Williams participated in three of the four spacewalks, the highest number of spacewalks performed in a single mission. He also spent 17 hours and 47 minutes outside ISS, a Canadian record. His latest book, Defying Limits – From Science Fiction to Science Fact, was released in 2018.

Panel discussions dedicated to Space Resources: The Next Frontier in Exploration and The Return to the Moon and Canada’s Role, featuring experts from Western’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, the Canadian Space Agency, Natural Resources Canada, MDA Maxar, and several other organizations, are also highlights of Space Day.

For a complete schedule of panels, sessions and speakers, please visit https://cpsx.uwo.ca/events/space_day.html

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