Patrick Hickey named 24th Rhodes Scholar in Western University history

Paul Mayne

Patrick Hickey

Western University alumnus Patrick Hickey has been named a recipient of the Rhodes Scholarship, one of only 11 Canadian students to earn the esteemed award this year, Rhodes Trust officials announced this week.

Hickey, an Honors Business Administration (HBA) graduate from the Ivey Business School, becomes the 24th Rhodes Scholar in Western history.

Hickey joins a class of 100 from more than 60 countries to receive this distinguished scholarship to study at the University of Oxford next year. Since the scholarship was established in 1903, nearly 8,000 Rhodes Scholars, including more than 1,000 Canadians, have gone on to serve at the forefront of government, commerce, the arts, education, research and other domains.

“The scholarships call for and recognize a set of timeless virtues – intellectual excellence, strength of character, energy to strive, commitment to serve and instinct to lead,” stated Richard Pan, Canadian Secretary of the Rhodes Trust and Chair for the Rhodes Scholarships in Canada, in the official announcement. “We are proud of the opportunities the scholarships provide to our most talented, passionate and charismatic university graduates.”

The scholars were selected in a highly competitive process administered by six regional committees composed of Rhodes Scholars and eminent members of the community. The committees worked independently and made their decisions on the basis of applications, university endorsements, letters of reference and in-person interviews held across the country.

Hickey was nominated by the Newfoundland region.

“It’s an honour to be selected for this fantastic opportunity for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador,” says Hickey. “I am very much looking forward to the experience that lies ahead at Oxford and in the Rhodes community. I go into it all with an incredible foundation from Newfoundland and from Western behind me, and I look forward to bringing what I learn back to these communities in the future.”

Currently, Hickey is a Global Investment Banking Analyst with RBC Capital Markets in Toronto.

With an interest in economic resilience and the fishing industry, the St. John’s native plans to pursue a career that embraces culture and uses business to generate returns for the economy, for people, and for the environment.

After Oxford, he plans to return to Newfoundland to help redefine the province’s economy for the future.

One of only 11 Canadian students honoured this year, Hickey becomes the 24th Rhodes Scholar in Western history.

Patrick Hickey, HBA 2019
Levi Hord, BA 2018
Saumya Krishna, BHSc 2010
Brian Coulter, BESc, HBA 2009
Joelle Faulkner, BESc, MBA 2004
Maureen Hogan, BSc 2001
Samir Sinha, MD 2000
Dilip Ninan, BA 1998
Richard Pan, BA 1997
Javed Siddiqi, BSc 1984
Andrew Sean Nevin, BSc, MA 1980, 1981
Stephen Kevin Burley, BSc 1980
John Alexander Stilborn, PhD 1979
Jonathan Michael Borwein, BA 1971
Colin Gordon Andrew Brezicki, BA 1970
David Michael Grace, MD 1964
James Montague Farley, BA 1962
John Hugh MacLennan, DLitt 1952 (honorary degree)
Benson Andrus Wilson, BSc 1948
Ramsay Willis Gunton, MD 1945
James Frederick Grandy, BA 1941
Rev. Kenneth Elder Taylor, BD 1933
Angus Duncan McLachlin, MD, MSc 1932-1933
Dalton Gilbert Dean, BA 1931

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