Media Releases Archives: April 2022

Western first in Canada, third in world in global impact, sustainability rankings

April 28, 2022

Western University has placed first in Canada and third in the world in a global ranking of universities working toward…

Western University expert available to comment on latest census release

April 26, 2022

The second set of data from Canada’s 2021 census is promising to show fascinating population trends. Michael Haan, director of…

Western researchers urge legislation to end organ donation anonymity

April 21, 2022

Western bioethicists argue that existing legislation preventing families of deceased donors from identifying their beneficiaries is outdated and unfair.

Bright fireball event near Lake Simcoe expected to have dropped meteorites

April 18, 2022

A bright fireball was observed by a network of all-sky cameras across southern Ontario at 11:37pm on Sunday, April 17,…

Busy mothers breastfed less in 19th century Netherlands: study

April 13, 2022

Led by Western biological anthropologist Andrea L. Waters-Rist, a new study finds unusually low rates of breast-fed infants at a 19th century rural Dutch village, likely because the mothers then were busy working.

Significant interest rate increase expected and Canadians should prepare for more: Expert available to comment

April 13, 2022

Economic analysts expect the Bank of Canada to announce a significant interest rate increase today in an attempt to ease…

Severe weather experts join Western’s Northern Hail Project

April 11, 2022

Julian Brimelow has been appointed as the first-ever Northern Hail Project executive director and Simon Eng will serve as its research meteorologist.

Western crew preps Space Station-bound astronaut for Ax-1 mission

April 6, 2022

Researchers at the Institute for Earth and Space Exploration have worked with Canadian Mark Pathy to help the entrepreneur and philanthropist fulfill his 10-day Ax-1 space mission plan.

Experts available to speak on the 2022 Federal Budget and its implications

April 5, 2022

The Federal Budget is set to be released on April 7. Western University experts are available to media on a…