Media Releases Archives: December 2023

Expert insight: Meaningful social interactions are the only ‘cure’ for loneliness

December 22, 2023

Western expert says individuals need to feel like they belong and are important to others

Study finds non-abusive ‘red flags’ that predict intimate partner violence

December 21, 2023

Former Western law and psychology researcher Nicolyn Charlot identified 16 warning signs that can be spotted early in a relationship before violence occurs and before one becomes too invested in the relationship.

Schools aren’t addressing online sexual violence adequately, Western research finds

December 20, 2023

New report outlines gaps in preparing young people to respond to tech-facilitated sexual harm

Donation of $8.5 million strengthens hearing science and innovation

December 18, 2023

Transforming care for patients with hearing loss is focus of donation from global hearing implant company MED-EL

More Americans than Canadians use alcohol to dull their pain: Study

December 12, 2023

New research explores pain management strategies including the use of prescription medications and alcohol

Experts available to comment on federal dental insurance program

December 11, 2023

Canadian government ministers are expected to announce details of the federal dental insurance plan which will provide benefits directly to…

Western, international researchers reconstruct Balkan genomic history

December 7, 2023

New multidisciplinary study reconstructs the genomic history of the Balkan Peninsula during the first millennium of the common era.

Western University experts available to comment on several news of the day topics

December 7, 2023

Western University experts available to comment on ER closures, cost of food, math scores, eating disorders in males, and Taylor Swift

Western-led team designs prototype to analyze minerals in Martian rocks

December 5, 2023

Working with industry partner, Earth sciences professor Roberta Flemming and her Western Space team designed prototype to analyze minerals in Martian rocks.