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Western University cannabis experts available to speak with media

October 17, 2018

With cannabis officially legal in Canada today the following multidisciplinary experts from Western University are available to speak with the media. Liliana Alvarez Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences 519…

Commentary: Western researchers explore implications of MAID for organ donation in Canada

September 6, 2018

A newly published article in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine raises ethical questions and challenges for organ donation in cases where a patient has elected Medical Assistance in…

Western music professor available to comment on legacy of Aretha Franklin

August 16, 2018

Norma Coates, associate professor in Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music, is available today to discuss the legacy of singer Aretha Franklin, who died at the age of 76….

COMMENTARY: Western planetary scientist available for comment on Mars water discovery

July 25, 2018

Gordon “Oz” Osinski, Director of Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), is available to comment on today’s historic announcement that a team of European scientists is claiming…

Western political experts available to speak about provincial election

May 9, 2018

With the 42nd Ontario general election set for June 7th, the following political experts from Western University are available to speak with the media. Cameron Anderson Associate Professor, Department of…

Paralympic expert available to media to comment on 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games

March 8, 2018

On the eve of the PyeongChang Paralympic Winter Games, Laura Misener, Acting Director of Western University’s School of Kinesiology, is available to discuss the social impact of sports and major…

Major media coverage for International Centre for Olympic Studies

February 26, 2018

Michael Heine, Director of Western’s International Centre for Olympic Studies, was an influential voice over the past few weeks as a nation celebrated Canada’s success at the Winter Olympics in…

This Valentine’s Day: Can the heart be mechanically replaced?

February 12, 2018

Western University Professor Shelley McKellar explores the history of artificial hearts in new book William Schroeder lived for 620 days after his diseased heart was removed from his chest and…

Rate of earthquakes depends on volume of fluids in hydraulic fracturing operations – but the magnitude of the largest possible events does not

February 8, 2018

New findings published by the high impact journal Science show that the rate in which earthquakes are triggered or induced by fracking depends on the volume of the hydraulic fracturing…

Bone and Joint expert finds physiotherapy moves Canada during cross-country investigation

February 7, 2018

Dave Walton, considered one of Canada’s foremost authorities on musculoskeletal trauma and rehabilitation, traveled more than 12,000 kilometres this past summer in an effort to better understand how physiotherapists were…