Media Releases

Harlen, Xu named among 2018 Schulich Leaders

August 22, 2018

Tony Xu and Ryan Harlen, two of the nation’s highest achieving secondary students, will begin their undergraduate studies at Western this fall as recipients of prestigious Schulich Leaders Scholarships. Launched…

BrainsCAN study discovers sound sensitivity differences between age groups

August 21, 2018

Neuroscientists from Western University have discovered a difference in the way younger and older adults respond to sounds. In the BrainsCAN study, researchers found that the brain becomes more sensitive…

Western announces completion of $3 million NHLPA Challenge in support of concussion research

August 16, 2018

Western University announced today the successful completion of the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) Challenge. The NHLPA began this process with a $500,000 gift as the foundation for a…

Western music professor available to comment on legacy of Aretha Franklin

August 16, 2018

Norma Coates, associate professor in Western University’s Don Wright Faculty of Music, is available today to discuss the legacy of singer Aretha Franklin, who died at the age of 76….

Media Advisory: Announcement supporting concussion research at See the Line

August 10, 2018

After suffering two concussions on the schoolyard when he was six years old, Sheldon Geerts, now 11, is happy to be back playing hockey, a sport he loves. He remembers…

Explore Martian secrets, up-close and personal, at Western University

July 30, 2018

As Mars orbits nearer and nearer to Earth, members of the London community will gather at Western University to observe the Red Planet for themselves. Londoners may already have noticed…

Brain game doesn’t offer brain gain

July 30, 2018

A new study led by a team of Western University neuroscientists has debunked claims that getting better at a brain training game can translate to improved performance in other, untrained…

COMMENTARY: Western planetary scientist available for comment on Mars water discovery

July 25, 2018

Gordon “Oz” Osinski, Director of Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration (CPSX), is available to comment on today’s historic announcement that a team of European scientists is claiming…

New research from Western University a call to arms for ‘flat-brainers’

July 24, 2018

While flat-earthers continue to debate even the remote possibility that our world is spherical, new research from Western University shows that the human brain is actually better understood in 2D…

New study shows working‐age Canadians unwilling to change jobs and locations hurts economy

July 17, 2018

A new economic model developed at Western University calculates the cost of reallocating working‐age Canadians (20-64 years old) from one industry to another and shows that an unwillingness by many…