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Bird brains can flick switch to perceive Earth’s magnetic field  

May 25, 2023

New study from Western’s Advanced Facility for Avian Research explores a brain region that migratory birds use to perceive Earth’s magnetic field.

Fear of predators causes PTSD-like changes in brains of wild animals

August 7, 2019

Fear can be measured in the brain and fearful life-threatening events can leave quantifiable long-lasting traces in the neural circuitry…

Mercury linked to ‘dramatic’ decline of migratory songbirds in North America

April 12, 2018

New findings from Western University support the scientific opinion that mercury is one of the determining factors for the dramatic…

New study shows traffic noise can affect brain and learning ability in birds

August 26, 2016

An international study led by researchers at Western University’s Advanced Facility for Avian Research (AFAR) has shown that birds living…