Month: April 2013

Western to host international brain plasticity symposium

In a unique collaboration with The Royal Society of Canada (RSC) and the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, researchers from Western’s renowned Brain and Mind Institute will explore this ever-expanding field of study.

Novel natural nanomaterial spins off from spider-mite genome sequencing

Novel natural nanomaterial spins off from spider-mite genome sequencing

Western biology professor Miodrag Grbic and his team have now collaborated with physicist Jeff Hutter to test – for the first-time ever – the durability of spider-mite silk and found the bionanomaterial, which is one thousand times thinner than human hair, to be a potentially superior alternative to spider silk, itself long considered a highly attractive light-weight biomaterial due to its high tensile strength and elasticity.

Western makes a bold ‘brain gain’ investment

Western University is investing in a ‘brain gain’ initiative to attract and secure elite academic talent, allocating up to $30 million to a pair of new strategic programs that will recruit and support the very best students, postdoctoral fellows and researchers from around the world.

Western researchers find fear itself affects predator-prey relationship

In a study published today in Science, findings from a team led by Western biology professor Liana Zanette prove perception – in this case, fear – of predation risk is powerful enough to affect wildlife populations even when predators are prevented from directly killing any prey.