Western in the News Archive: 2014

Study proves blind people — and sighted — can use echoes as a sixth sense

December 24, 2014 via Ottawa Citizen

Western grads launch fashion startup with social conscience

December 17, 2014 via Globe and Mail

Tories appoint two conservative law professors as judges

December 17, 2014 via Globe and Mail

Slacktivists hope to change the world one click at a time in 2014

December 16, 2014 via https://www.edmontonsun.com/2014/12/16/slacktivists-hope-to-change-the-world-one-click-at-a-time-in-2014

Standing out from the business school crowd

December 16, 2014 via Globe and Mail

B.C. faces ‘epidemic’ of domestic violence

December 15, 2014 via Global News

Ontario authorities take action on doctors who deny birth control

December 11, 2014 via Globe and Mail

Six Olympic sports that may be in danger of being dropped

December 8, 2014 via Globe and Mail

Canadian Team Captures Two Truly Spectacular Images Of Mars

December 3, 2014 via Huffington Post

Canadian scientists get close ups of Mars

December 2, 2014 via Sun News Network

Western’s plans for AIDS research facility revealed

December 1, 2014 via CTV London

Western University planning $5 million HIV/AIDS research

December 1, 2014 via London Free Press

World AIDS Day: Nine things you should know about HIV in Canada

December 1, 2014 via Globe and Mail

Western University team takes the reins on NASA orbiter to image Mars

November 28, 2014 via The Weather Network

Business Cares Food Drive pushes for more

November 28, 2014 via London Free Press