Western’s CREVAWC receives $1 million to become national hub for supporting victims of family violence

The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children (CREVAWC) has received $1,008,271 from the Public Health Agency of Canada to become the national Knowledge Hub for supporting the health and wellbeing of victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

CREVAWC, located at Western University’s Faculty of Education, will use the funding to connect and enhance the work of all community-based projects in Canada that support victims of violence from a health perspective, and are funded though the Public Health Agency of Canada. The Knowledge Hub will help to maximize and consolidate learning across the various projects, and build further capacity in communities to deliver and test trauma-informed health promotion to families impacted by violence.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Public Health Agency of Canada. This is a wonderful opportunity to work at the national level with leading community organizations, health professionals and researchers who are developing innovative practices and research on trauma-informed health promotion,” said CREVAWC Learning Director, Linda Baker.

The Knowledge Hub will support funded projects that focus on areas including peer support programs, healthy relationships and social and emotional health for young children who have been exposed to intimate partner violence. To date, four projects have been funded across Canada, with many more expected to receive funding and begin operating in the coming months.

“We know there’s an impact on the health and wellbeing of survivors of family trauma  and child abuse, and they need the most effective interventions to help them recover, to heal and to enjoy better health again. As the National Knowledge Hub, we are looking forward to playing a key role in that process,” said Peter Jaffe, CREVAWC academic director.

The Knowledge Hub will form a community of practice across the projects and share knowledge and results online and through education sessions. The Hub will help empower projects to succeed in their respective communities while at the same time sharing results more broadly to help establish a Canada-wide approach.

As an additional component of the Knowledge Hub, CREVAWC plans to establish a database of researchers and experts in the field as a resource for communities looking to evaluate their projects.

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