Western expert available for comment on bullying in society

With Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week about to launch once again in Ontario, and a growing desire by the general public to understand, address and prevent the effects of bullying, an expert on these issues is available to media for commentary.

Claire Crooks, a registered psychologist and director of the Faculty of Education’s Centre for School Mental Health, has written extensively in the areas of children’s mental health and the healthy development of children and youth, and is the co-developer of The Fourth R, a program used in schools across Canada to convey the importance of healthy relationships to children.

A high proportion of youth who experience bullying report distress and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder,” says Crooks. “This is a tremendously important topic to address in our schools, but it must also be addressed if and when it occurs in the workplace, at home or in the public realm. There needs to be a community approach to combating this issue in order to make a real change, so I am thrilled to see the attention bullying and mental health in general are garnering in society today.”

Crooks can provide expert commentary on science, practice and policy related to healthy development of children and youth, as well as the cause and frequency of mental health problems in young children and adults.

MEDIA CONTACT: Jeff Renaud, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-661-2111, ext. 85165, jrenaud9@uwo.ca, @jeffrenaud99

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