Western in the News Archive: May 2016

Why men always underestimate their wife’s libido

May 31, 2016 via Daily Mail

Game of Thrones fantasy series is a good way to introduce students to higher literature

May 31, 2016 via London Free Press

Hey guys, women want sex more often than you think

May 30, 2016 via New York Post

Women Are More Interested In Sex Than You Think, Studies Show

May 30, 2016 via Wall Street Journal

Inside the Effort to Digitize Medieval Monks’ Chants

May 27, 2016 via Smithsonian Magazine

If we build it again with Expo 2025, will they come?

May 27, 2016 via Toronto Star

‘Don’t burn your jersey’: the science of sports fandom

May 27, 2016 via Ottawa Sun

Deciphering ancient religious chants

May 26, 2016 via Radio Canada Interational

Mars will be closer to the Earth Sunday morning than it has been in more than a decade

May 26, 2016 via London Free Press

Kate Helsen discusses using big data to create an electronic monk with CBC Radio Afternoon Drive

May 24, 2016 via CBC Radio Afternoon Drive

Moving Forward symposium brings together researchers and policy makers to talk about gender, health and education

May 24, 2016 via London Free Press

Researchers Are Digitizing Ancient Monk Chants Into a Massive Database

May 20, 2016 via Motherboard

Team develops ‘life-altering’ tremor control

May 19, 2016 via London Free Press

‘It’s in our workplaces’: domestic violence researcher says

May 18, 2016 via CBC

Transgender rights bill marks overdue progress: Editorial

May 18, 2016 via Toronto Star