Education experts available for comment on back-to-school anxiety and stress

Back-to-school stress affects thousands of students, parents and teachers each year. With one week of summer remaining and school bells across the region about to ring in another school year, anxiety levels among some students, parents and teachers may be on the rise.

The following experts from Western’s Faculty of Education are available to media for commentary on the many potential sources of these stresses, and for advice on how to deal with anxieties related to heading back to school.

Jacqueline A. Specht, Professor, Director – Canadian Research Centre on Inclusive Education
Areas of expertise: inclusive education; students with exceptionalities; participation of children in the school system; teacher/student experiences in diverse classrooms

Claire Crooks, Associate Professor, Director – Centre for School Mental Health
Areas of expertise: clinical and school psychology; children’s mental health; practice and policy related to the healthy development of children

Michael Kehler, Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: masculinities; body image and sociology of the body; boys education; physical education

Susan Rodger, Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: individual learning approaches; children’s mental health; mental health preparedness in the classroom for students and teachers

Immaculate Namukasa, Associate Professor
Areas of expertise: students’ mathematical attentiveness and learning; conceptual and procedural mathematics knowledge; digital tangibles including robots and coding programs

MEDIA CONTACT: Stephen Ledgley, Senior Media Relations Officer, 519-661-2111 x85283,

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