Western University experts available to talk about U.S. Election

Will the 2016 U.S. election go down in history as an aberration never to be repeated or will it touch off a new era in American politics that could affect all corners of the world? How did America get to this point in history and how will this election shape its future?

Western University experts are available to provide insight into these questions and more.

Don Abelson
Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and Director of the Canada-US Institute
Recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts in American politics, US foreign policy, interest groups and think tanks, Don Abelson is available to discuss the possible ramifications for Canada of both Clinton and Trump presidencies.

Norma Coates
Associate Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies
Norma Coates is available to discuss how bias in the news media has affected political discourse in the United States and, combined with social dislocations, has led to the extreme polarization that has played out in this election.

Laurel Shire
Assistant Professor, Department of History
Social and cultural historian Laurel Shire is available to discuss how race, gender and politics have converged in American politics since the country’s birth and the lessons that can be drawn in assessing the current political climate in the United States.


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