Western in the News Archive: 2016

Neurologist Henry Barnett proved Aspirin prevents strokes

November 23, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Bright Idea: Touchscreen chamber for mice, complete with milkshake

November 21, 2016 via Maclean's

Does the mind use fibre optics? Calgary team floats ‘out-there’ theory of light communication in the brain

November 20, 2016 via National Post

Think like a doctor

November 18, 2016 via CBC News

Eric Lindros Is Entering the Hall of Fame. His Legacy Isn’t Just Hockey.

November 14, 2016 via New York Times

Eric Lindros takes road less travelled to Hockey Hall of Fame

November 12, 2016 via Toronto Star

Supermoon: Beginning Monday, a full moon will make its closest approach to Earth in seven decades

November 11, 2016 via London Free Press

Dear America

November 10, 2016 via CBC Radio Ontario Today

Western University study opens window into honeybees’ social order

November 8, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Ivey grad John Chayka brings business to the blueline

November 8, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Why Monica Lewinsky came to talk business

November 8, 2016 via The Globe and Mail

Canadian researchers say they’ve developed a blood test to check for concussions

November 7, 2016 via National Post

Londoners pioneer concussion-detecting blood test

November 7, 2016 via London Free Press

Concussion Test

November 7, 2016 via CTV London

Math Abilities Are Not Innate: New Theory May Help In Identifying, Teaching Students With Math Learning Disabilities

November 4, 2016 via Tech Times