The Donald Trump presidency – Analysis from Western University experts

Friday’s inauguration of US president-elect Donald Trump marks the start of a new American reality that will shape that nation’s political, economic and social discourse. The official beginning of Republican governance, following the most talked-about election in the Western world in recent years, will also have a significant influence across borders.

Western University experts are available to provide insights into what’s next for Americans, for Canadians and for the world under a Trump presidency:

Don Abelson

Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science and Director of the Canada-US Institute

Recognized as one of Canada’s leading experts in American politics, US foreign policy, interest groups and think tanks, Don Abelson is available to discuss how the Trump presidency will influence Canada and the US and intersect with a broad range of international issues.

Norma Coates

Associate Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies

Norma Coates is available to discuss public reaction to a Trump presidency, including the role social media and news media continue to play in polarizing public opinion and in calling politicians to account for their words and actions.

Bryce Traister

Professor, former Director of the Centre for American Studies at Western University

Bryce Traister is a keen observer and analyst of the evolution of US culture. He specializes in connecting the dots between US politics and social change.


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