Western in the News Archive: January 2017

Essex and Goodman: Internet voting will happen. Let’s make sure the research into how it happens is sound

January 30, 2017 via Ottawa Citizen

B.C. earthquake-planning exercise inadequate: federal report

January 29, 2017 via CBC

Population boost: Canada eyes foreign students

January 28, 2017 via The Straits Times (Singapore)

Skeptical of CTE link, NHL won’t fund concussion research

January 26, 2017 via USA Today

Reality check: Will Donald Trump’s executive orders have any real effect?

January 26, 2017 via Global News

Could evidence of life on Mars be found in a crater?

January 24, 2017 via Radio Canada International

Diagnosing genetic causes of high cholesterol using a new generation magnifying glass

January 24, 2017 via Times of India

Fake Think Tanks Fuel Fake News—And the President’s Tweets

January 24, 2017 via WIRED

PTSD: Beyond Trauma

January 20, 2017 via CBC's The Nature of Things

Will Trump inspire a new era of protest music?

January 20, 2017 via Canada.com

Trump To Take Office With Weak Approval Rating

January 20, 2017 via Blackburn News

Communicating climate change: a psychoanalysis – Science Weekly podcast

January 19, 2017 via The Guardian

When men kill their partners, warning signs often missed

January 9, 2017 via Toronto Star

Why beauty professionals are being trained to prevent domestic abuse

January 5, 2017 via Global News

Western University researchers develop concussion blood test with 90-per-cent accuracy rate

January 5, 2017 via The Globe and Mail