Western in the News Archive: 2018

Inuvik students ‘blown away’ by Inuvialuit artifacts

September 30, 2018 via CBC News

Do ‘storm birds’ have the ability to predict wet weather?

September 26, 2018 via Australian Broadcasting Corporation

How your house can resist tornadoes the Three Little Pigs way

September 26, 2018 via Ottawa Citizen

Tornado aftermath: The science behind the twisters

September 23, 2018 via Ottawa Citizen

Maxime Bernier’s new party stakes out classical liberal values: Don Pittis

September 17, 2018 via CBC News

Reality check: What are probiotics good for?

September 16, 2018 via Global News

Western University professor tapped to ‘shape the future of space science’

September 12, 2018 via London Free Press

The Ethics of Consciousness Hunting

September 6, 2018 via Nautilus

Who is in control of your economic fate, anyway? It’s getting harder and harder to tell

September 5, 2018 via The Globe and Mail

Glass domes help forecast the fate of Canada’s boreal forests

September 3, 2018 via CBC News

Woman’s Injury Offers Insight into How the Brain Works

August 31, 2018 via Scientific American

Researchers raise doubts about cause of death of Franklin Expedition members

August 25, 2018 via CBC News

The chemical romance of songbird oils

August 25, 2018 via CBC News

London researcher set to lead international ALS study after $2.5M donation to Western

August 24, 2018 via Global News

Plastic fragments amassing in Thames River, London researchers find

August 24, 2018 via London Free Press