Western in the News Archive: 2018

Fighting Doug Ford’s threat to shrink Toronto city council

July 31, 2018 via National Post

Brain games don’t make you smarter: Western University research

July 31, 2018 via CBC News

Mars zooms in for a close-up tonight … weather permitting

July 31, 2018 via CBC News

Brain Game Doesn’t Offer Brain Gain

July 30, 2018 via Neuroscience News

Ontario’s Premier Flexes His Muscle by Shrinking Toronto’s Government

July 27, 2018 via New York Times

A look at how Ontario’s plan to change Toronto politics would work

July 27, 2018 via CP24

‘It changed me as a person,’ Indigenous kids say of Western’s Mini-University program

July 26, 2018 via CBC News

Why these Western University profs say it’s time to merge the Catholic and public school systems

July 25, 2018 via CBC News

New Technology Revives Tarnished Daguerreotype Ghosts

July 25, 2018 via How Stuff Works

The value premium: What this indicator is telling us about the business cycle

July 23, 2018 via The Globe and Mail

Some politicos question Grégoire Trudeau’s involvement in government activities, others say she deserves more credit for her work

July 18, 2018 via The Hill Times

Western researcher studies the distinctive southwestern Ontario accent

July 14, 2018 via CBC News

Ancient Indigenous recordings discovered at Museum London

July 13, 2018 via Global News

‘Haunting’ faces of ‘ghosts’ reappear in world’s oldest photos

July 10, 2018 via Fox News

Tarnished Daguerreotypes Yield Their Images

July 10, 2018 via Archaeology