Planetary scientist available to comment on NASA’s discovery of surface water on Moon

NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) confirmed today – for the first time ever – water on the sunlit surface of the Moon. This discovery indicates that water may be distributed across the lunar surface, and not limited to cold, shadowed places.

Gordon "Oz" Osinski

Gordon “Oz” Osinski

Gordon Osinski, director of Western’s Institute for Earth and Space Exploration (Western Space), is available to media for comment.

Osinski says:

“New findings in two papers published today suggest that there is more water on the Moon than previously thought. This has exciting implications for enabling the sustained exploration of the Moon, by both robots and humans.”

In partnership with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, Osinski has led numerous analog space missions to prepare astronauts, planetary scientists and students for safely procuring and returning lunar samples to Earth.

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